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Supra News (before 2004)

5th December 2003

Supra Trico scoops "Product of the Year 2003-2004 Award" from Hi-Fi Choice!

We're very pleased to announce that the Supra Trico co-ax digital cable has been awarded the Product of the Year Award (in the Digital Interconnects category) by Hi-Fi Choice magazine.

Visit this link to find who sells Trico

26th September 2003

And another "BEST BUY" Award for Supra !

What Hi-Fi have awarded Supra with another "BEST BUY".

In a repeat of last years Awards ceremony, the Supra X-ZAC fibre optic cable has been voted "BEST BUY" in the "Digital Optical Cable" category.

Read more about it in this months Awards issue.!!

Or check this link to find who stocks the X-ZAC

28th April 2003

Yet another "BEST BUY" Award for Supra !

Once again Supra has scored another hit - this time with Hi-Fi Choice awarding a "BEST BUY" gong for the Supra Trico co-ax digital cable.

Selling for just £39.99 for a one metre phono to phono length, (but also available in other lengths and terminations, such as BNC) 'Choice had only high praise for the Trico cable, with virtually no negatives about the sound quality provided.

Supra Trico dealers are listed here

28th March 2003

New Supra Sword speaker cable starts shipping !

Supra Sword

Supra have already announced the new Supra Sword speaker cable, but now that some review samples are out, it's time for customers to start understanding what Sword is all about.

It has to be said that it isn't cheap (£700 for 2x 3m terminated lengths) nor is it "value for money".

And while it won't suit everyone's pocket nor will most hi-fi systems be of a high enough quality to warrant this sort of money on speaker cables, there is one thing you can guarantee. It will cause a stir with the "aficionados" and it will be of high interest to anyone who revels in high-end products.

Read more about it here.!!

25th February 2003

BBC Home Front

Just aired on BBC ONE has been the series "Home Front" where Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen and Diarmuid Gavin each re-design parts of a home - Laurence designs a room inside while Diarmuid excels himself in the garden.

For the second time, the BBC asked for Supra Classic Series speaker cables to be provided, to run from the hi-fi system indoors to the weather proof speakers fitted outdoors (a task ideally suited to Classic cables, due to their tin-plating), while Supra video and audio interconnect cables were used between the DJ decks, the TV and the ceiling mounted projector.

The specific program was called "Wimbledon" and details of the work done in the "21st Century Play room" can be found here: "Interior" while the "Modern Party Garden" can be found here: "Exterior"

TV Screen DJ Decks

(above images © BBC 2003)

10th January 2003

Most of the supply issues for AV3 are nearly behind us. The cables are now back in full production and we will be getting our first post-Xmas consignment around the 21st January.

Of course, the increase in demand for most Supra cables over the last two months has meant that until our next delivery, some products, notably AV3 (2m & 5m), AV6 RGB (1m), FS (1m) and X-ZAC are in short supply. However, we expect that things will improve quite rapidly once these products come back into stock.

We also expect to have the factory terminated LoRad IEC mains cable soon. This has been awaiting CE-approvals, which should be soon. Once approved, LoRad will go on general sale and will retail around £40-£50 for a one metre terminated cable, which is significantly less than some other NON-APPROVED replacement mains cables.

21st December 2002

AV3 supply issues.
Due to unprecedented demand, the What Hi-Fi "BEST BUY" Supra AV3 (1m length) component video cable has been in short supply over the last two-three weeks. We ordered plenty in time for Xmas, but due to a shortage of RCA phono plugs at the factory, we were unable to obtain sufficient supplies in time before Xmas.

We have been in close contact with the factory in Sweden and we can advise that the situation is now getting back to normal - our next delivery of AV3 1m 3Phono to 3Phono is due to arrive with us early on Tuesday 24th December. Although we are unable to ship that day (due to Xmas holiday) we will re-commence shipping to our dealers on/about 27th December, so most of the dealers shown on our dealer list will start to clear their back-log, as well as taking new orders, with effect from 30th December.

This delay only affected the AV3 1m version - most other cables are in stock so there shouldn't be any problems with most other Supra products.

19th September 2002

Supra cleans up at What Hi-Fi Awards ceremony.

On 29th August 2002, at the prestigious London Hilton Hotel, What Hi-Fi bestowed four BEST BUY awards on Supra cable products, details of which can now be made public, as the Awards issue of What Hi-Fi is now on sale. Specifically the following products have achieved "BEST BUY" status.:

Supra AV3 - "BEST BUY" Component Video cable up to £100/m
Supra AV6 RGB - "BEST BUY" Scart cable £51+
Supra X-ZAC - "BEST BUY" Digital cable £51+
Supra Rondo 4x2.5 Biwire - "BEST BUY" Speaker cable up to £5/m

What more need be said?

Click here to find your nearest dealer where you can buy these products!

New Supra LoRad Screened mains cable now available.

Supra are pleased to announce the availability of the LoRad shielded 3 core mains cable.

Many years in the planning and development phase, full production has now started following the gaining of CE-approval by a leading European testing house.

Physical characteristics:
3x 2.5 sq. mm conductors each wrapped in standard colour coded insulation (Brown, Blue and Green/Yellow).
Outer diameter: approx 11mm.

Supra LoRad cable

LoRad cable offers plenty of benefits to the audiophile:
  • An audio mains flex with patented screening.
  • Supra's screening concept is patented world wide by Tommy Jenving (owner of Supra).
  • LoRad stands for Low Radiation of electric and magnetic alternating fields.
  • Protects your equipment from radiated mains noise.
Initially this cable will be available "off the reel". Later this year, it will also be available in pre-terminated lengths, factory-fitted with either UK or Euro plugs at one end and IEC line sockets at the other end - ideal for upgrading your hi-fi or home cinema system.

Click to view the LoRad PDF file (100kb)
(Right click and "Save Target As" to save for off-line viewing)

Click here to find your nearest LoRad dealer

Supra Classic 4mm speaker cable wins What Video & TV "BEST BUY" award

Supra cable Best Buy

Supra cables go from strength to strength. On top of the recent "BEST BUY" from Hi-Fi Choice for the EFF-ISL, What Video & TV, a respected UK magazine covering home cinema, VCR's and av equipment, have just awarded the Supra Classic 4mm speaker cable a "BEST BUY" award in their April 2000 edition.

The article goes on to give the following comments about Supra 4mm cables:"bass is more articulate and better defined, while fine details - notably those at the treble end - are delicately portrayed."
We couldn't have put it better ourselves.

Classic 4.0T was also featured on the BBC TV garden make-over programme "Home Front in the Garden", in the edition called "Sensory Fairground"

Supra Classic 4mm is now on sale with independent hi-fi / home cinema retailers NOW.

New Fibre Optic cables for MiniDisc and High End Audio/DVD

Supra are pleased to announce the availability of some new fibre optic cables to suit portable and stand-alone Mini-Disc players and recorders that feature 3.5mm miniTosLink sockets.

Available now, the ZAC Mini and ZAC MiniTos are high quality fibre optic cables that feature either:

3.5mm mini-Toslink plugs at both ends (ZAC mini)
a 3.5mm miniTosLink plug at one end and a standard TosLink plug at the other (ZAC miniTos)

The new cables retail at just £29.99 each for a 1 metre version.

Also newly released is the X-ZAC

X-ZAC fibre optic cable features a high quality metal body, metal end-piece fittings and triple polished "cable ends", based on the "Zero Attenuation Concept". This was originally designed for the standard ZAC range, but has been further enhanced to minimise diffraction effects (as the signal enters and exits the cable) to ensure maximum transfer of data from product to product.

Designed principally for use in mid- or high-end hi-fi and AV systems, X-ZAC's high quality terminations provide the best connection between TosLink socket products as the TosLink plugs optimally align the fibre optic cable to the transmitters and receivers.

X-ZAC retails at £59.99 for a 1 metre length.

Supra EFF-ISL interconnects win "BEST BUY" award

The Supra EFF-ISL interconnect cables has won the "BEST BUY" accolade from the UK Hi-Fi Choice magazine, which went on sale on 18th February 1999. The review comparison featured 14 different cable products and the Supra EFF-ISL came out best in group!

So, to be ahead of the game, find out all about the benefits of using Supra interconnects in your hi-fi or home cinema system by clicking on this link or to see where you can buy it click here.

A synopsis of the review can be read by clicking here

New Supra Home Cinema cable range available.
A stunning new range of Home Cinema cables, marking Supra's entry into the AV world, have been shown for the first time in the UK, at the 1999 Hi-Fi Show in Hammersmith, London.
Two new cables were launched:
  • The Trico - a co-axial digital or 75 ohm composite video cable, using silver plated OFC conductors
  • The AV6 - a six core cable, which can be terminated with various connectors, including scart, s-video, phono, BNC and DB25 types.
These cables have just gone on sale and will be available through UK dealers over the course of the next few months.

New Supra Fibre Optic cable launched.
Supra have introduced a new fibre optic interconnect cable. Called "ZAC", the new cable is available in 1, 2, 4, 5, 8 and 10 metre lengths and is terminated with TosLink connectors.
Supra ZAC is a result of the Zero Attenuation Concept and the development of the Zero Attenuation Lens. The innovative curving of the fibre core tip to get a zero divergence loss enables plastic fibre optic to be used and achieve the same transmission quality as that of a glass fibre core. The result is a combination of the strength and flexibility of plastic fibre with a high end Hi-Fi transmission.

ZAC will find itself extremely suitable for use with Home Cinema systems, especially with regard to carrying Dolby Digital/DTS signals from DVD and LaserDisc players to surround sound processors and amplifiers. And it can be used between CD transports, Mini-Disc players, D/A decoders and any other high quality product where TosLink connectors are fitted.
ZAC is very competitively priced and will ensure the best transmission quality between components.

Supra were at the Hi-Fi '98 Show at the Heathrow Renaissance and Excelsior Hotels, as sponsored by Hi-Fi News magazine.

A number of new Supra products were shown for the first time, including the new Linc shielded speaker cables and Fork XL speaker connectors. Also on show were the Classic 2.5mm and 4mm OFC cables, the Ply Series 2.0 and 3.4 tin-plated cables and the EFF-I and DAC interconnects.

New Products from Supra - Feb 1998
The February '98 Hi-Fi show in Bristol saw the re-introduction of the Swedish-made Supra brand of speaker and interconnect cables to the UK.

Now available is the new range of speaker cables called "LINC", previously talked of then. LINC stands for "Low INteraction distortion Concept" and the cables are based upon the highly successful Classic 2.5mm and Classic 4mm Oxygen Free Copper cables, which continue to be available.

LINC cables are shielded, designed to minimise any possible cross-talk with other low-level cables, whilst also reducing any biological effects due to electro-magnetic radiation. Furthermore, shielded cables are less likely to cause distortion or interference with the unused input sockets of amplifiers, which again may cause signal degradation. Lastly, long cable runs can now be used where before speaker cables were prone to radio broadcast pick-up (due to the speaker cables acting as aerials.)

A total of four versions will be available: Linc 2x2.5 and Linc 2x4 for multi-room installations and Linc 2x2.5 Flex and Linc 2x4 Flex for hi-fi usage. Construction wise, two inner conductor cores, individually insulated, are surrounded by an aluminium foil screen, which is in intimate contact with a single drain wire, which is attached to the amplifier earth terminal. This 100% screen minimises any unwanted EMI & RF radiation, picked up by other materials close by.
Already, Linc cable has been utilised at the very large LISEBERG amusement park in Goteborg (Gothenberg, Sweden).