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Supra News - 2016


We should be receiving our allocation of LoRad 2.5 SPC by the end of the month. We have asked our dealers to start placing their orders for this and we expect to sell out quite quickly. It is a LIMITED EDITION production run and we have been advised that once it has sold out, that will be it.

So, if a silver-plated shielded mains cable excites you - get in contact with your local dealer and make sure he places an order for you.


We will be taking a stand at the new Indulgence Show, to be held at the Novotel Hotel, Hammersmith, London from 14-16th October.

So, pop along and see us and we can show you some of the new products we have.


It's Supra's 40th Anniversary so it's time to roll out some Anniversary products, in celebration !!

First is the XL Annorum. A mid-high end 4 core speaker cable, featuring OFC twisted cores, that can be configured as either 2>2 (shot gun), 2>4 (bi-wire), or 4>4 (bi-amp).

Next up is the Phono interconnect cable, designed as a low noise, low capacitance cable suitable for use with turntables. It features an embedded separate grounding wire, terminated with small size spades to ground the earth from the turntable to the amplifier.


Next up - we will soon have in stock some short length versions of the award-winning Supra ZAC fibre optic cables. As well as the standard lengths, we will shortly have some 15cm and 30cm length versions - terminated with either standard Toslink, mini-Toslink or a combination of both.


And last but not least is a Special Anniversary Edition of the LoRad 2.5 Mk 11, featuring silver-plated conductors. Housed within an Anthracite Grey outer jacket (so you can tell the difference), the LoRad SPC will be a sure fire hit this coming winter.

Pricing and availability on these products will be announced shortly.


There's not a lot to say about any new products yet - but there are some in the pipeline so it won't be long !!


Another Bristol Sound & Vision Show is coming up and we'll be there in our normal place in Bristol Suite on the ground floor.

We'll have some Very Special Show Offers on numerous items, including the Award Winning USB cables, and our MD-6-BS/SP 6-way shielded mains distribution block.


So, we start off the New Year with a great review in issue 407 (on sale 28th Jan 2016) of Hi-Fi Choice magazine, where the Supra USB cable is the WINNER in a Group Test review. Numerous other cables were tested but the reviewer noted:

"I am immediately impressed by the delightful and sprightly piano
performance – exactly what I would expect from Haydn. The orchestra is
situated perfectly behind the piano and the overall tonal balance is just
right. This cable certainly seems at home with classical music and I fi nd
myself compelled to keep listening to the piece. Similarly, the vocal performance is super clear and really comes alive. The bass has a good
punch, is well extended and better balanced in its overall performance
when compared to some cables here, and certainly in comparison with the
majority of standard issue computer USB cables"

Verdict: The Supra USB comes at a great price and delivers a delightfully balanced performance

So, yet ANOTHER award for Supra USB !!

Note: Supra USB's are terminated in either A-B, A-Mini B or A-Micro B connectors...and if that's not enough there's also a Male A-Female A (for extending an existing cable that doesn't quite reach).

New Year 2016

In 1976, a new company was founded in Sweden by a young engineer who loved music and who wanted to make something good, that hadn't been done before. And so Jenving Technology was formed.....the engineer was Tommy Jenving and he did quite a few things, having worked for Ericcson before......but he started making speaker cables which people liked and which made people's hi-fi system sound much better (as before his cables, people used low quality lighting or electrical cables). And the brand name he chose was "SUPRA"....the rest IS history and in 2016, we celebrate our 40th ANNIVERSARY :)

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