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Latest Supra News - 2007

Supra cables 30th anniversary logo

September 2007
We are pleased to announce that we will be attending the What Hi-Fi Sound & Vision Show/Stuff Show at Novotel London West hotel, Hammersmith, London from 2nd-4th November 2007.

See more information here

June 2007
We are pleased to announce the availability of the NEW 3rd generation Supra HF100 HDMI v1.3 cable range.

The 2nd generation cables have been re-engineered to ensure compatiability with the new HDMI v1.3 specification, and as such all new shipments from Sweden are v1.3 compliant, up to and including 6 metres in length.

The v1.3 cables cost a little bit more than the 2nd gen cables, but they now support:
"Deep Color" (up to 16 bit, where the previous generation only supported 8 bit),
"Lip Sync",
"Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio™"

(Please note: NEW hardware, supporting these new functions at BOTH ends of the cable, are required, if these improvements are to be seen/heard).

However, HDMI 1.3 is backwards compatible with previous versions.

May 2007
We are pleased to announce price reductions on all HF100 2nd Generation HDMI and HDMI<>DVI cables as from 7th May.

The new prices start from just £39.99 for a 1 metre length terminated with either HDMI<>HDMI or HDMI<>DVI connectors. Furthermore, the per metre increment, for longer cables, has also been reduced from £10 per additional metre to just £5.

So, a 2m HDMI<>HDMI cable, which was £59.99, will now retail for £39.99 + £5.00 = £44.99

All these cables can carry 1080p resolution in any length upto 12 metres, so for most people, the reduced prices on the What Hi-Fi 5 star rated cables will produce a welcome saving !

See here for the price changes.

March 2007
We're pleased to announce that the long-awaited Supra LoRad MD06-BS/SP Mains Distribution Block has now cleared it's final production hurdle and has been granted BS Approval.

UPDATE: It now looks like the MD06-BS/SP will start shipping in Summer 2007.

The LoRad MD06-BS/SP 6-way UK mains distribution block, features Tommy Jenving's own 3-stage Surge Protection as well as built-in Non-Intrusive Filtering.

Fully approved to BS1363 and featuring a heavy aluminium extrusion (and hence shielded) chassis, the MD06-BS/SP will be a boon to those who suffer"clicks and pops" through their mains wiring, while at the same time, if used in conjunction with LoRad shielded power cables, your entire system can be free of 50Hz mains hum, which can plague some systems (especially those that use poorly shielded interconnect and speaker cables.

Introductory Price: £129.99 (1st 2 months only)
Normal Price: £149.99 (once initial stock depleted)

For those switching over to digital TV (aka "Freeview") or digital radio (DAB) you might be experiencing poor reception, which can be down to having a poor aerial alignment. But it could also be that the cable from the wall socket to the TV (or radio tuner) is old and is too lossy for the signal to get to your set-top box properly. Supra have now designed the AnCo TV, a low loss co-axial aerial cable, fitted with high quality, gold-plated co-ax connectors, either plug to plug (from wall socket to TV or set top box) or socket to plug (from set top box or VCR to TV)

Introductory Price: £24.99 (for 1m)
Normal Price: £29.99 (once initial stock depleted)

The Sword 2-channel high-end interconnect cable.
Available in a Limited Edition Presentation case and featuring either phono plugs ("Sword-ISL") or XLR connectors ("Sword-IXLR"), the new cable sets a very high standard for quality, neutrality and transparency.

A limited run of 3,000 sets will be produced for world-wide distribution. We expect to receive a generous proportion, as befits the UK's standing as a nation of music lovers, but even so, it is likely that we will sell our "quota" fairly fast.

Prices are:
£349 for the 0.8m length phono<>phono version
£379 for the 0.8m length balanced XLR version.

(UPDATE: Longer length versions are available as well, in 0.2m steps based on the increment of 30 per stereo 0.2m length. For even longer lengths, then the increment is 75 per stereo 0.5m length)

You can find local suppliers of Sword here, if you want to arrange demonstration and hear what a good speaker cable can do for your system.

(If your local dealer isn't featured, give us a call and we can perhaps "persuade" them...!)