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Mains cables and Distribution Blocks
Digital Video cables (inc HDMI, DVI)
Shielded Ethernet cables
Video cables (RGB, Component, S-Video, Composite)
Scart cables
Digital Audio cables (USB, Ethernet, co-axial, fibre optic)
Audio cables (analogue, hi-fi, MP3)
Home Cinema cables
Speaker cables (single, bi-wire)
Ground Separators
Awards and Reviews
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December - Trico co-ax digital cable wins 5 STARS
November - Tommy Jenving at What Hi-Fi Show
November - TWO awards from Hi-Fi Choice
September - 5 Stars from What Hi-Fi for FS scart cable
September - HDMI Digital Video cable price reduction announced
September - First delivery due of LoRad 1.5 shielded mains cable
20th August - What Hi-Fi Show attendance confirmed
20th July - LoRad 1.5 announced
17th May - HDMI / DVI cables announced
5th December - Trico wins "Product of the Year"
26th September - X-ZAC wins What Hi-Fi BEST BUY again
28th April - Trico gets "BEST BUY"
28th March - NEW Sword speaker cable starts shipping
25th February - BBC Home Front chooses Supra (again)
10th January - AV3 supply improves
21st December - Huge demand causes AV3 shortages
19th September - 4 BEST BUYs from What Hi-Fi magazine for the X-ZAC, AV3, AV6 and Rondo 4x2.5 !!
May - LoRad 2.5 shielded mains cable starts shipping
2001 (and before)
Ply 3.4/S wins "Recommended" Award
Ply 3.4 wins "Recommended" Award
New Fibre optic cables for MiniDisc
New AV6 and Trico Home Cinema cables available
April 2000 - Classic 4mm wins "BEST BUY"
New ZAC fibre optic cables range shipping
18th Feb 1999 - EFF-ISL wins "BEST BUY" award
Sept 1998 - Supra attends Hi-Fi News Show
Feb 1998 - LINC shielded cables now available