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Latest summary:

Check out our 2021 news item, for our latest news.

- Supra USB Excalibur digital audio cable
is shipping soon, using Silver-plated OFC conductors for data and fitted with new Supra metal body USB Type A and B connectors and ideal for High End NAS to DAC connections. (Standard Supra USB cables continue to be available).

- Supra Sword Excalibur speaker cable
is now shipping - this is an upgraded, shielded version of the multi-award winning Supra Sword cable, now terminated with Rhodium-plated Copper connectors. (This new product does not replace the existing Sword speaker cable, which continues to be available).

- Supra UHD8 digital video cable
is now shipping, fitted with new Supra branded DisplayPort (for DisplayPort versions) and Met-S (for HDMI) connectors.

- Supra DC Blocker due to undergo BS testing/approval in 2021 - more news once we receive approval and production can start on the UK version.

- Supra MD Mark 111 series of Main Distribution Blocks were BS Approved
a couple of years ago and these are in stock in a variety of versions, from 2-way up to 15-way and in UNFiltered, Non-Intrusive Filtered, or Surge Protected versions. These are fitted with 16 Amp C20 type IEC inlet sockets.

- Supra HDMI AOC fibre optic HDMI cables now available in lengths from 1m up to 100m...and supporting HDMI v2.1 and 4k. No external power supply required, as the HDMI>optical> HDMI conversion takes place inside the self-powered HDMI connectors.

- Supra LoRad 2.5 SPC is available now - an updated version of the popular LoRad shielded mains cable is available in factory terminated versions as well as "off the reel" if you want to terminate yourself.

- Supra XL Annorum speaker cable - introduced to celebrate Supra's 40th Anniversary as a cable brand (since the Classic 2.5 came out in 1976 !!).

- Supra Phono interconnect cable - designed as a low-noise, low-capacitance cable for use with turntables (fitted with phono output sockets). Built-in ground wire terminated with mini-spade connectors at both ends.

- Supra ZAC fibre optic cables now available in 15cm and 30cm lengths and with TosLink and/or 3.5mm mini-TosLink connectors - ideal for use with small portable DAC's and headphone amps.

- Supra CAT 8 Ethernet Halogen-Free patch cables now available - wide bandwidth design - ideal for use with NAS boxes and media streamers to be able to stream multiple audio and video feeds concurrently.

- Supra HD5 HDMI+Ethernet cables with Met-S connectors now standard and support HDMI v2.0/2.1 specification

Older News:

- Supra MD06-BS/SP 6-way Mains Distribution Block get a well earned Recommended from Hi-Fi Choice

- Supra USB v2.0 cables WIN WHAT H-FI "USB Cable Of The Year" Award (2012)

- Supra USB v2.0 cables awarded Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award 5* review (November 2012)

- Supra launch new Cat7+ ethernet cables

- Supra launch new HD5 HDMI High Speed (v1.4) cables, available with either standard HDMI connectors or the Supra-designed removeable housings, allowing customers/installer to dress the cables correctly, which relieves the strain on HDMI sockets.

- Supra launch new AGS-10k High-End Audio Ground Separator, for use between computers and high-end audio amplifiers

- Supra launch new SA90 right angle HDMI adapters to convert straight HDMI connectors so as to fit in tight spaces on flat-panel displays.

- Supra launch new SWF-16 IEC 16-amp rated connector, suitable for use with Musical Fidelity and other fine "power house" type power amplifiers.

- Supra launch new Ground Separators, for use with co-ax and F-type aerial systems

- Supra launch new HF100 Met S/B HDMI High Speed cables, fitted with removeable housings, and allowing customers/installer to dress the cables correctly, which relieves the strain on HDMI sockets.

- Supra CombiCon Banana plugs get plaudit from Hi-Fi News

- Supra Sword speaker cables, fitted with the new FIXED spade connectors Highly Commended by Hi-Fi News

- Supra EFF-IX wins Best Buy award from Hi-Fi Choice

- Supra HF100 HDMI cables now support HDMI v1.3 specification in lengths up to and including 8 metres.

- LoRad MD06-BS/SP Mains Distribution Block - now shipping.

- Supra HDMI v1.3 cable wins Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award accolade (in Feb 2008 issue)

- Supra Sword-ISL wins Hi-Fi Choice Bronze award

- Supra to attend What Hi-Fi Show in November

- New v1.3 specification HDMI and HDMI<>DVI cables now shipping.

- Lower prices on HF100 v1.2 HDMI and HDMI<>DVI cables

- Supra wins TWO Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award awards (in the latest edition of What Hi-Fi) for the budget prices Dual audio interconnect (SRP £39.99) and the high-end EFF-IX audio interconnect (SRP £69.99)

Dual audio cable wins Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award review

EFF-IX audio cable wins Supra cables What Hi-Fi 5 star award review

- This is in addition to the recent HiFi Choice "Editors Choice" award for the Supra Sword-ISL very high end audio interconnect (£349).
Supra cables Supra Sword

- Sword-ISL gains Hi-Fi Choice "Editors Choice" award

- HF100 HDMI cable wins Active Home "Buy It" award

- LoRad MD06-BS/SP Mains Distribution Block receives BS approval

- Glowing reviews now published for Sword-ISL interconnect cable

- AnCo TV co-ax digital cable now available, which can also be used for co-ax TV/FM connections.

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