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Supra AV6 multi-channel cables

This cable is suitable for:
Component/RGB Analogue Video
Video walls
High resolution video projection
CG workstations
Studio tie lines

The following feature list gives some idea as to the rationale behind the design of this cable:

6 cores of 75 ohm tin-plated OFC cable
Individual tin-plated OFC screens around each core
A separate aluminium/polyester shield surrounds all six cores
Very low capacitance, due to the use of PE foam for inner insulation

Cross-sectional view of AV6 cable

Supra AV6.4 cable

Supra AV6 can be terminated at either end with:
*Scart plug (and wired for RGB and composite/s-video)
*Any combination of phono's, BNC and/or s-video plug
VGA (mini-DB15) (esp. for projectors/plasmas where RGB + H/V sync required)
*DB25 (Female) connector
*DB25 (Male) connector using a "gender changer" fitted to a DB25 (Female)


3 Phono INTO Scart

White plug > Audio Left channel IN
Red plug > Audio Right channel IN
Black plug > Composite Video IN

6 Phono TO/FROM Scart

Black plug > Audio Left channel IN
White plug > Audio Right channel IN
Red plug > Composite Video IN

Green plug > Audio Left channel OUT
Yellow plug > Audio Right channel OUT
Blue plug > Composite Video OUT

This cable, when terminated with the DB25 plug is especially suitable for use with products from manufacturers such as Arcam, Carver, McIntosh, Onkyo, Parasound and Rotel who have adopted the DB25 connector on various models in their home cinema equipment ranges.

6 Phono TO/FROM DB25 connector (Male or Female)

Green plug > Centre Channel
Blue plug > Front Left Channel
Red plug > Front Right Channel

White plug > Rear Left Channel
Black plug > Rear Right Channel
Yellow plug > Subwoofer Channel

DB25 Connections (for 5.1 signals IN or OUT of DB25 equipped equipment).

pin 1 > Front Left Channel +
pin 2 > Centre Channel +
pin 3 > Front Right Channel +

pin 4 > Subwoofer +
pin 5 > Rear Left Channel
pin 6 > Rear Right Channel

pin 14 > Front Left Channel -
pin 15 > Centre Channel -
pin 16 > Front Right Channel -

pin 17 > Subwoofer -
pin 18 > Rear Left Channel -
pin 19 > Rear Right Channel -

The above pin configurations appear to be used for Arcam/Carver/McIntosh/Parasound/Onkyo/Rotel equipment - but please check your user manual to confirm this holds true for *your* specific equipment.

Below, you will find pictures of the AV6 in a number of combinations:

Supra AV6 cable

For the AV6 RGB Scart cable

The Supra AV6 - is an award winning RGB-only wired scart cable - comprising 6 tin-plated OFC conductors for video. Various screening techniques are used to minimise interference.

AV6 is terminated using Supra's own heavy duty, metal body Scart connectors

Awarded "BEST BUY 2002" by What Hi-Fi magazine in the category Best Scart cable £51+