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LINC Series Shielded Loudspeaker cables

This is a NEW range of shielded speaker cables that was formally launched in the UK at the Hi-Fi '98 Show.
There are four new cables - two of interest to hi-fi owners and two that will help the ever-evolving Custom-Install market. All these cables have been purpose designed to eliminate any possibility of external influence, either through pick-up of Radio Frequencies or Electro-Magnetic Interference via the speaker cables, or alternatively, emission of EMF from the speaker cables into low-level interconnects that are placed in close proximity to the amplifier.
For Hi-Fi owners, comes the Linc 2.5 Flex and Linc 4.0 Flex, which use very flexible Oxygen Free Copper conductors of 2.5mm and 4mm overall diameter respectively, surrounded by a polyester based aluminium foil wrapped screen. Both these cables require the third conductor to be connected at the amplifiers earth terminal (only), thereby grounding the cables outer shield, which prevents RF and EMI from having any effect on sound quality.

Supra LINC Flex for hi-fi use
Linc 2.5 Flex (shown above left).
Application examples: Medium power systems or shorter lengths in high power systems.
Linc 4.0 Flex .
Application examples: High power systems or longer lengths in low/medium power systems.

For the Custom-install/Fixed Installation market, where speaker cables may have to be routed through conduits, ceiling voids and walls, comes the less flexible Linc 2.5 Fix and Linc 4.0 Fix . These cables, seen below, are easily used in close proximity to both low level audio signal cabling, and control wiring. The use of Supra Linc cables, reduces the possibility of cable interaction, through mutual interference and hence helps to ensure the minimum amount of cross-talk between dissimilar equipment functions.

Supra LINC for Fixed installations