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Ply Series Loudspeaker cables

Increasing cable size can usually reduce cable resistance, but at the expense of increasing cable inductance. This is musically unacceptable for high quality sound and music applications. Some solutions exist, but these may have other limitations, which can make them impractical.

Conventional stranded cables made from copper, silver or related conductors can suffer from complex oxidation, making the surface into a semi-conductor. The diodes so formed between the strands are not seen by steady-state signals, but look like the plates of a high value capacitor to transient signals. This causes low-level energy storage and release after transients, that is invisible to steady-state testing yet nonetheless is perfectly audible with many music recordings.

Supra Ply is a large-section, low resistance cable, which can overcome these limitations, by using a proprietary, pure tin-plating. This has the double benefit that tin and copper meld without forming a diodic barrier and that tin strongly resists most common causes of metal corrosion, hermetically protecting the copper, making Supra Ply ideal for outdoor use in either car (automobiles) vans and/or truck as well as marine applications, where salt water may quickly corrode a pure copper cable.

Even if oxidation should form on the outside of Supra Ply, it will be sonically benign, as in audiograde "metal oxide" resistors, which are really tin oxide. (Because Ply cables are tin-plated, they are effectively impervious to corrosion when used outdoors). Sonically, tin-plating has no known negative effects on sound quality, especially over time, leading to extended periods of good quality sound, with no likelihood of deterioration, as is usual when plain copper or silver-plated conductors oxidise.

Note: both Ply 3.4 and Ply 3.4/S are Hi-Fi Choice "Recommended" speaker cables.

Supra Ply 2.0 (shown left: Ply 2.0)
Supra Ply 3.4 (shown left: Ply 3.4)

Ply is now available in FOUR forms: Ply 2.0 (shown above), Ply 3.4 (shown above) and a shielded version called 3.4/S (shown below) and since 2014 is the Ply 3.4/W - this uses the same conductors as standard Ply 3.4, but the "conductor tube" is rolled into a flatter profile, leading to a lower inductance, plus it's easier to hide under carpets.

Ply 2.0 and Ply 3.4 are both available in White or Ice Blue coloured outer insulation. Ply 3.4/W and Ply 3.4/S are only available in Ice Blue colour.

Each will significantly improve on the sound quality of most systems, compared to cheaper, inferior grade cables, with Ply 3.4 best suited to medium to high resolution systems.

Supra Ply 3/4 Shielded (shown left: Ply 3.4/S)

For bi-wiring with Ply 3.4 or Ply 3.4/S, special heatshrink, termination trousers and nylon braid are available to help keep the cables tidy.

Supra Braid for Bi-wire

End on view of Ply cross-section.

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications of Ply Series cables.
Item Conductors Insulation Area Shield coverage Ext. dia (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Resistance (ohms/km) Inductance (uH/m)
Ply 2.0 2x120x0.15 OFC, Sn Chloride Ion-stabilised PVC 2x2.0
- 6.1x4.9 Ice Blue or White 74 8.1 0.30
Ply 3.4 2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x3.4
- 7.0x7.0 97 5.1 0.20
Ply 3.4/W 2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x3.4
-   Ice Blue 95 5.1 0.15
Ply 3.4/S 2x192x0.15 OFC, Sn 2x3.4
> 95% 7.5x7.5 Ice Blue 156 5.1 0.20