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FLAT Series Loudspeaker cables

Flat 1.6 is a new cable, designed to be used in cases where thicker cables cannot be used. So, under carpets, or even up walls ! The braided tin-plated OFC conductors, measuring 1.6 sq mm, carry the signals easily and conveniently, allowing you to position the speakers where they sound best.

Flat 1.6 is only available in White - but this can be painted, if required, to blend in better with room decoration.

Also available are the CT6 and CT9 adhesive tapes, which come in 10m reels, suitable to attach the cable to clean, flat surfaces - saving the bother of putting nails into the structure.

(pic to follow)

Flat 1.6 (shown above).
Application examples: Medium power systems, especially suitable for use with surround sound speakers.