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XL Annorum 4x1.6 Loudspeaker cable

The XL Annorum 4x1.6 sq. mm cable is based upon specific Supra ideas:

1) The use of 4 x 1.6 mm square, 12-strand 5N Oxygen-Free Copper (OFC), wound in a specific and controlled way to minimise series capacitance and inductance and to limit "skin effect" when using fewer strands..

2) Flexibility in use, so the cable is not stiff and difficult to connect to existing equipment

3) The 4 conductors are arranged in a 2x2 grid, so that each conductor is "paired" with the conductor which is diagonally opposite, in a "star-quad" formation, which reduces series inductance and hence there is less "insertion loss" between the amplifier and the loudspeaker.

The resulting speaker cable is then terminated in a number of ways to suit customer needs.

We can offer factory-terminated XL Annorum cables:

i) As standard, wired for bi-wiring, in "2 to 4" configuration (cables are "paired" at the amplifier end, but are terminated separately at the speaker end).

ii) We can also supply these cables for bi-amp use, with the cables configured in "4 to 4" mode, with each conductor being terminated separately at both ends.

iii) In "shotgun" configuration, (ie "2 to 2") with all of the conductors being "paired" at both ends. This effectively doubles the number of strands carrying the signal to the speaker and in some cases may be preferred to bi-wiring.

We keep the bi-wired variant in stock in a range of lengths, with the other versions available "to order". Standard fittings are Supra CombiCon Crimp bodies, and supplied with both Banana/BFA tips and Spade connectors. However, it is also available "off the reel" for those who wish to terminate the cable themselves.

Mechanical and Electrical Specifications of XL Annorum cables.
Item Conductors Insulation Strand Diameter   Ext. dia (mm) Colour Weight (g/m) Resistance (ohms/km) Inductance (uH/m)
XL Annorum 4x1.6 4x 1.6mm 5N OFC PP (Polypropylene) 0.4mm   10 Ice Blue TBA TBA TBA


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