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Who are Supra?

Supra is the brand name for Jenving Technology - a company founded in 1976, principally to make high quality cables available at sensible pricing.

The Jenving Technology factory is in the Swedish town of Ljunskile, a few kilometres north of Gothenburg.
So, you'll be pleased to know that Supra cables are proud to boast a genuine "Made in Sweden" on the packaging.

As such, unlike many brands you may have heard of, Supra actually manufacture their own cables in their own factory, rather than buying some non-descript item from some non-descript manufacturer and then sticking their logo on it (which sadly is what many other so-called cable companies do, as they do not have the finance, the technical skill nor the expertise to actually manufacture their own cables).

So, instead other cable "companies" rely on some-one else to do all the "hard work".

Supra, in comparison, design, manufacture and assemble their own cables.
Which gives them an almost unique position within the hi-fi and home theatre marketplace - a company who has absolute control over all aspects of it's own products.

Few companies can boast this. But Supra can.

And that hopefully will give you the confidence to purchase Supra products for your system, knowing the care and attention to detail that has gone into producing these fine products.

And with over 30 years of production history and experience, you can be sure that they are doing a lot of things "just right".

Supra is a licensed Supra cables HDMI adopter cable manufacturer. Please visit HDMI.ORG

Supra is a manufacturer member of CEDIA member. Please visit CEDIA.ORG