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Where to buy Supra
Which Supra products have achieved good reviews?

In short, there's many highly respected Supra products you can consider purchasing - all of which will improve the quality of any hi-fi or home cinema system.

Products Awards
Digital video cables:
If you are lucky enough to own (or are planning to own) a DVD or Blu-Ray player, set-top box (such as a Sky or Virgin Media HD box) with a "HD Ready" projector or plasma that uses the latest HDMI or DVI signals, then we have just the thing for you:
Supra's HF100 HDMI / DVI cable - already a 5* reviewed product (Ultimate Guide to HDTV, October 2005) and officially sanctioned by Silicon Image in the US as an "Approved HDMI cable", recognised by HDMI.ORG.

Supra HF100 supports High-Definition video and can be used to carry 720p and 1080i and 1080p signals, even over a long length - up to 20 metres (DVI<>DVI) and 15 metres (HDMI<>HDMI). HF100 also supports digital audio, where suitable hardware is also "designed" to send/receive the digital audio signal.

Supra HF100 cable is tested and fully complies with the HDMI v1.4a test specification so all Supra HF100 HDMI cables, up to 15m in length are "High Speed"

Scart cables:
For your Freeview or Sky box (or your old VCR !):
A Supra FS fully wired scart cable would be brilliant carrying both sound AND pictures signals - experience digital TV properly! And having been awarded , it makes perfect sense to upgrade the "freebie" that came with your Freeview, Freesat or Sky set-top box or VCR.

Analogue video cables:
For your DVD player or Sky HD Box (if you do not have a HD screen or projector yet!):
A Supra AV3 Component video cable conveys superb high definition signals from most current DVD players. Plenty of termination options, such as phono, BNC, VGA, DVI and scart and available in a wide range of lengths - up to 20 metres !
For your High-End DVD player, an RGB only scart cable:
The Supra AV6 scart to scart cable carries just RGB, s-video and composite video signals - no other signals carried, so a clean, high resolution picture is assured.

But if you do need sound as well, then the upgraded version, called AV6.4, will do the job perfectly well as this uses the exact same conductors as the award-winning AV6, but with the addition of 4 audio conductors, enabling the AV6.4 to carry high-res video and audio.
For your DVD (or CD/SACD) player or transport:
Supra X-ZAC fibre optic cable - twice voted Best Buy by What Hi-Fi magazine - a true high end fibre optic (aka TosLink) cable, triple polished for maximum signal transfer integrity.

Even the cheaper Supra ZAC fibre optic cable is a Hi-Fi Choice "Bronze award winner" (Dec 2004).

Either can be used to connect a Sky HD box to your AV receiver or processor (in order to hear the Dolby 5.1 Surround Sound audio channels, via your AV system).

The Supra Trico triple shielded co-ax digital cable is ideal, if an electrical connection (aka S/PDIF) from DVD or STB is preferred. Voted Product of the Year and now with a What Hi-Fi 5 STAR review.

For connecting audio equipment together:
Supra EFF-ISL interconnect cable provides a warm balance of sound, without losing detail or transparency.

Likewise, for HIGH-END analogue systems the Sword-ISL (fitted with RCA's) or Sword -IXLR (for balanced audio connections) has been voted an "Editors Choice" in numerous hi-fi magazines.
Power Supply (mains) cables:
We now have Supra LoRad shielded mains cables available in a factory-terminated packs of 1m, 1.5m and 2m. These are terminated with a UK 13Amp plug and an inline IEC connector. So changing over to a LoRad cable is as simple as powering off your component, disconnecting the power lead from the wall socket, re-connecting the LoRad cable and then powering up the system.

LoRad is also available "off the reel" in two forms - LoRad 1.5 and the thicker LoRad 2.5. So you can buy the cable and terminate it yourself (or get an experienced DIY-er or electrician to do it for you).
Twice a Bronze Award Winner
(Hi-Fi Choice)
Speaker Cables:
For budget systems:
Supra Classic 4mm multi-stranded tin-plated OFC cable - in constant production for over 25 years and still one of the best!
Supra cables Supra Best Buy
For mid-priced systems:
Supra Rondo 4x2.5T Bi-Wire speaker cable - get the most out of your biwired speakers at a very reasonable price and in two different coloured outer sheaths the choice is yours -will you take Ice Blue or Anthracite?
For higher-end systems:
Supra Ply 3.4 or Ply 3.4/S speaker cable. Low inductance cables mean less interaction with your amplifier and speakers, meaning better sound.

And now Hi-Fi+ AND Hi-Fi News have raved about the Supra Sword cable - it's not cheap, but it works !!