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Supra LoRad Mains Distribution Blocks Mark 3

UPDATED: Winter 2018

New investment has seen an updating of the very successful MD06 Mk 2 range of Mains Distribution Blocks, which are now being made in the factory in Sweden (instead of using a 3rd party sub-contractor to assemble them).

The new range will be available with UK, Schuko (EU), Belgian, French, US and other types of sockets and in a wider range of configurations, from 2-way up to 6, 8, 10, even 15 sockets per block. BS Approval was granted in October 2017 and UK versions are now available.

British Standard versions (for UK and some other markets)
Three types of mains blocks will be on sale initially: Non-Filtered (Custom), Non-Intrusive Filtered (NIF) and Surge-Protected (SP+NIF) versions.

Buying Tips:
If you only need extra outlets and are concerned that any filtering might affect the performance of your hi-fi or AV system, then choose the Custom version.

If you have any spurious noises through your audio system, then choose the Non-Intrusive Filtered version.

If you hear clicks and other boises through your system (especially when central heating thermostats or gtidge/freezer pumps start up, then choose the Surge Protected version.

Available Products:
We now have a range of multiple outlets, from 4-way, all the way up to 11-way. Each block features a 16 Amp High Current inlet socket, which is more desireable to have, given that the UK ring mains system can support up to 13 Amps of power...the "standard" IEC inlet socket is only rated at 10 Amps !!

The line-up of versions available to the UK are:
(Note: The MD(number) shows the number of outlet sockets on each version).

MD04 Mk3 BS/Custom - in stock
MD07 Mk3 BS/Custom - in stock
MD09 Mk3 BS/Custom - in stock
MD11 Mk3 BS/Custom - in stock

Non-Intrusive Filtered:
MD06 Mk3 BS/NIF - in stock
MD04 Mk3 BS/NIF - in stock
MD07 Mk3 BS/NIF - in stock
MD09 Mk3 BS/NIF - in stock
MD11 Mk3 BS/NIF - in stock

Surge Protected:
MD02 Mk3 BS/SP+NIF - in stock
MD04 Mk3 BS/SP+NIF - in stock
MD06 Mk3 BS/SP+NIF - in stock
MD08 Mk3 BS/SP+NIF - in stock
MD10 Mk3 BS/SP+NIF - in stock

For all Filtered/Surge Protected versions, up to and including 6 socket outlets, the FIRST socket is UNFILTERED.

For all Filtered/Surge Protected version of more than 6 outlets, the FIRST AND SECOND sockets are UNFILTERED.

This is to allow certain amplifiers that are sensitive to filtering, to be able to use these blocks without sonic degradation.

European (Schuko) versions:
For Europe, there is a further option available (only on the 6-way blocks at present) of a high current On/Off switch, mounted at the input end of the block, which essentially switches off power to all the output sockets.

For the Surge-Protected versions, one (or two) sockets do not have the Non-Intrusive Filtering fitted, as this can lead to sonic degradation with some "sensitive" amplifiers.

The 2-way up to 6-way blocks are fitted with 10 Amp IEC sockets, while the 8-way, 10-way and 15-way blocks are fitted with 16 Amp IEC sockets.

The current line up is:

Non-Intrusive Filtered:
MD02 Mk3 EU NIF (unswitched)
MD03 Mk3 EU NIF (unswitched)
MD04 Mk3 EU NIF (unswitched)

MD06 Mk3 EU NIF (unswitched)
MD06 Mk3 EU NIF (switched)

Surge Protected:
MD06 Mk3 EU/SP+NIF (unswitched)
MD06 Mk3 EU/SP+NIF (switched)
MD08 Mk3 EU/SP+NIF (unswitched)
MD10 Mk3 EU/SP+NIF (unswitched)
MD15 Mk3 EU/SP+NIF (unswitched)

Other territories:
Supra also produce versions for other countries, including Belgium, France, Switzerland, USA and elsewhere. Please enquire if you require one of these.

Common features to all versions:
The chassis are made from extruded Aluminium and as such, the case work is shielded and hence helps to prevent 50 Hz (or 60 Hz) mains getting into other cables nearby, while at the same time, reducing radio (and other mains borne) interference.

Please note that no mains cable is supplied with these blocks - this is so that you can purchase the correct length of cable to go between your wall socket and the position of the Mains Block.

A range of pre-terminated lengths of both LoRad 1.5, 2.5 and 2.5 SPC are available with factory fitted with mains plugs (to suit your territory) and a suitable IEC connector, in lengths of 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 4m.

For UK mains blocks, we recommend the LoRad 2.5 cables on the "input side" to the mains block, as these are rated up to 16 Amps and they are fitted with 16 Amp IEC connectors (C19 types).

Or you can buy the LoRad 1.5 or LoRad 2.5 cable "off the drum" and make up your own bespoke length.