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Supra FS Fully-wired scart cables

These are now discontinued.

Supra have produced their own fully-wired scart to scart cables. These are designed to be used between devices such as DVD, VCR and Set-Top boxes going to to TV's, plasma screens and other displays featuring Euro scart sockets.

Supra FS scart cable

FS Fully-wired scart cables are competitively priced and offer high quality audio and video signal carrying properties, with minimal losses.

A new version named FS (04) is now available that features a higher exit angle (45 degrees) for the cable, thereby allowing scart cables to be used in closer proximity to each other (useful if the equipment features several scart sockets right next to each other).

The new FS (04) is a What Hi-Fi product (Sept 2004).

FS and FS (04) are only terminated with scart connectors as standard.

This cable is suitable for:
S-Video signals
Composite Video signals
RGB signals
Audio signals
Video switching signals (pin 8, pin 14)

Basic features:
Multi-core OFC cable
Individual screens around each video core
Low capacitance

Typical Connectors:
Scart plugs

FS (supplied in terminated lengths of 0.6m, 1m, 1.5m, 2m and 4m)