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Supra Cat 7+ Ethernet cables

The previous Supra Ethernet cable was called: CAT 7+

Supra Cat 7+ shielded Ethernet patch cable, featuring "low smoke" Halogen-Free insulation

This cable is now discontinued but may still be available from some retailers. It is much better than standard Cat-5/Cat-6 E cables, as it has a much wider bandwidth.

Supra Cat 7+ cables are shielded and wide-bandwidth, (upto 1300 MHz) and are ideal if you have local data storage (such as a NAS box containing ripped CD's and/or DVD's) and you want to share music and especially video files around your home or office network.

Each Cat 7+ cable uses 8P8C terminations, allowing suitable hardware to benefit from all four twisted pairs of network cable.

Using Cat 7+ cables, with Gigabit type ethernet ports is a much faster way of sharing large data files, (compared to wifi) as firstly, you have a dedicated port that isn't going to be shared and secondly, wifi networks are not as speedy and there's more chance of interference and buffering as a result of other signals in the 2.4GHz or 5GHz band that might be sharing the same wifi channel.

So, consider wiring Cat 7+ cables from your router to your NAS box as a minimum...and then at least another Cat 7+ from router to internet connected TV for watching Netflix in 4K, for instance) and then perhaps additional Cat 7+ cables to your primary desktop PC(s).

Supra Cat 7+ cables are designed for maximising data throughput in both domestic and commercial environments, when used with matching 10Mb/100Mb/1000MB networking systems. Low insertion loss and both individual and overall shielding help to minimise losses, especially when used in data intensive applications, such as video streaming.

In fact, these cables are ideal for connecting between NAS boxes, media servers, wired set top boxes (Roku, Humax etc), routers and internet connected TV's. For maximum data transfer, please use the Gigabit ethernet sockets provided on most newer equipments.

Using Supra Cat 7+ shielded ethernet cables can help to maximise video, audio and data performance whilst streaming from your local network connected appliances.

Flame Retardant and Halogen Free

Supplied with factory terminated Supra gold-plated shielded RJ45 connectors.
Excellent flame-retardancy, Halogen-Free, Low Smoke generation, Low Toxic gas emission.


Better than Category 7A, according to EN 50288 and IEC 61156. Excellent NEXT, low attenuation, excellent screening characteristics (individual and overall screen), low SKEW, Bandwidth 1300 MHz (way better than the 600 MHz of most Cat 7 cable specifications).
8P/8C wired connectors as per T568B.

Ethernet, TV, installation cable for generic cabling systems according to ISO/IEC 11801 and EN 50173 (2nd Edition). Ideal for all applications of classes D up to FA Multimedia (Video, data, voice) >10 GbE according to IEEE 802.3 AN, cable sharing, VoIP, PoE.


Conductor: Bare copper wire, 0.33 sq mm / 22 AWG
Insulation: Cellular-PE, core dia nominal 1.6mm
Twisting Element: pair
Individual screen: Aluminium/polyester tape
Configuration: 4 twisted pairs
Overall screen: Tinned copper wire braid
Colour code: Blue+White, Orange+white, Green+white, Brown+white
Coloured tracer: Green/White

Electromagnetic behaviour:

Transfer imp @ 10 MHz: (nom) 5 mOhm per metre
Screen attenuation up to 1 GHz: (nom) 70 db
Coupling attenuation up to 1 GHz: (nom) 85 dB

Electrical characteristics:at 20 deg C:

DC resistance: (max) 57.1 Ohm per km
Insulation resistance: (min) 5 GOhm per km
Mutual capacitance: (approx) 40 pF per km
Capacitance unbalance (e): (approx) 1500 pF per km
Signal velocity: (approx) 0.8 c
Propagation delay: (approx) 420 ns per 100m
Skew at 100 MHz: (approx) 5 ns per 100m
Characteristic impedance at 100 MHz: 100 +/- 5 Ohms
Test voltage Ueff: 1000 Volts
Operating voltage: (max) 125 Volts

Mechanical characteristics:
Overall conductor outside diameter: 7 mm
Conductor size: AWG 22 / 0.33 sq mm
Bending radius (during installation): 8x overall diameter (ie 56 mm)
Bending radius (after installation): 4x overall diameter (ie 28 mm)

Chemical characteristics:
Free of hazardous substances according to RoHS 2002/95/EG
Thermal characteristics:
Temperature range for fixed installation: -20 to + 60 deg C
Temperature range for mobile installation: 0 to + 50 deg C

Cat 7+ cables were available in a number of lengths:
from 0.5m up to 20m as standard.