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Supra HF100 HDMI Met-S/B Digital Video cables
Supra cables HDMI FAQ

Building upon the award-winning of the HF100 cable, for 2009-2010, there is now an option with regards to the terminations used.

The standard cable is fitted with standard HDMI connectors...but these can be awkward to run through conduits, as the connectors are larger than the cables, which requires larger diameter holes for the cable to pass through.

Supra HF100 Met-S/B HDMI cables

So, Supra have designed a new removeable housing, that allows installers and/or customers to remove the bulky outer shell, leaving just the inner connector, which is factory terminated to the cable.

The new cables feature a Supra innovation - removeable HDMI bodies, which have TWO basic functions:

1) When the HDMI body is removed, (via two small screws) it allows the cable to be passed through small conduits, which aids installations.

The Trick
How you get a bent and too big connector through a small conduit pipe.

1. Can you pull this connector through a conduit pipe?
2a. All parts are easily detachable.
2b. These are the parts of the disassembled connector.
2c. The soldered part is over-moulded for protection.
3. Nylon braid is used as an aid to pull the cable through the conduit. Fasten the braid to the pulling tool with a knot.
4. Picture showing how much space there is left in the pipe.

5. As you can see, despite the sharply bent pipe, the cable got through, effortlessly.
6. Assembled cable and connector ready for use.

2) The HDMI body is available in TWO shapes - the straight version and the curved version - so the cable can be dressed at the back of the equipment, which then puts less stress on both the cable and the HDMI socket....

The cables are fitted as standard with 2 straight HDMI bodies, but in the pack is both a shaped body as well as some strong nylon braid, to allow installers to draw the cable through without damaging it.

Extra housings are also available in a "kit" to installers for instances where customers require additional curved housings.

Supra HDMI housing

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The HF100 cable has been purpose designed to run at high resolutions such as 720p, 1080i and 1080p even over long lengths and without problems.

The HF100 HDMI Met-S/B cable is terminated as HDMI to HDMI (in lengths up to 15 metres)

Supra cables Supra test

HDMI specifications:
All Supra HF100 cables up to 15 metres in length support 1080p.

Please note: The issue of attenuation (over longer lengths) affects ALL cable manufacturers to one degree or another - some offer shorter (than 8 metre) cables while some others are meeting the v1.3 compliance over much longer lengths by supplying two (or more) shorter cables and providing an in-line buffer (or booster amplifier) which receives the incoming signal and then re-amplifies it to carry the signal over the next cable length.

The HDMI specification allows this "booster" function as there is a supply voltage on one of the HDMI single lines to permit active amplification of the transmitted signal.

You should also note that to notice ANY improvement in picture and/or sound quality (as a result of the v1.3 specification), EVERY item in the chain, including the encoded signals on the disc, the player, the cable AND the screen (or projector) MUST be v1.3 compliant - otherwise, even if one item is NOT v1.3 compliant, then the picture and sound will run at the v1.2 specification.

More info on HDMI can be found here: HDMI website

Supra HF100 Technical Specification
The following list shows the product features for Supra HF100 Digital video cable:

  • 4 screened twisted pairs of solid OFC conductors (with a PE foam insulation layer) improve the High Frequency response for wide-bandwidth and efficient signal transfer
  • Heavy Double layer shielding: 1st layer: Aluminium foil, 2nd layer: Aluminium foil, shield signals from external influences and prevents the digital signal being radiated into nearby components or other cables
  • 0.8 micron thick 24k gold-plated contacts on connectors deliver long term reliability
  • Small form factor cable - diameter only 9.5 mm, enabling cable to be easily hidden.
Note that the Supra DVI connectors used are Jenving's own design and are removable and replaceable and made from die-cast aluminium, which give them good shielding properties.
Supra's HDMI connectors are factory fitted and cannot be removed or replaced (especially if damaged).

DOWNLOAD THE HDMI / DVI FACTSHEET (approx 470 kb - as PDF - needs Adobe Acrobat)

Please note: Jenving Technology aB, the manufacturers of Supra branded HDMI cables, are an official HDMI Adopter company - see the official list here - for the names of all the adopter companies - you may be surprised by the absence of many well-known "cable" brand names - this is because many HDMI cables are made for these companies by third-parties, unlike Jenving who produce the Supra HF100 cable in their own factory in Sweden, which ensures better "hands-on" quality control during the production process.

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