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Supra Speaker connectors

Supra have two ranges of speaker connectors:

The CombiCon range, can be fitted to most large diameter speaker cables, either through the middle, or "end on" of the "Body".

Supplied with either 4mm Banana / BFA "tips" or Spade connectors (or as a "kit" containing both types), both types can be unscrewed and inter-changed to suit changing requirements, without removing the "body" of the CombiCon from the speaker cable.

Supra cables Supra Combicon banana plugs
CombiCon Body shown with Banana / BFA tip

Supra cables Supra Combicon spade plugs
CombiCon Body shown with Spade connector

Note: the original CombiCon body and tips used a fine thread - new types now have a larger M6 thread, which is not compatible with the earlier type.

CombiCon Crimp Bodies
CombiCon Crimps are a new introduction to the range and comprise a specially designed Crimp connector, which is available in a number of sizes: 1 mm, 2 mm, 4 mm and 6 mm (to suit different conductor diameters), plus the special sized Sword CrimpBody, codenamed CB03 which are slightly larger cable entry than the CB04).

All can be retro-fitted with either Banana / BFA "tips" or Spade M6 connectors. Separate colour match sleeves are available to insulate the terminations.

The Crimp Bodies are best attached using a good quality Crimper, such as the Pressmaster KSA 0760, which uses EDGE deformation, rather than centre deformation. Note that once attached to a cable, the CombiCon Crimp Bodies cannot be easily removed and re-used..

The "second" range of Supra speaker connectors are shown below:

As seen from top to bottom (in the above picture) are:

Boxcon connectors, (suitable for upgrading the terminals of amplifiers or loudspeakers) with better qulaity input/output terminals, that can handle larger diameter speaker cables.

Supra Fork spade-type connectors c/w Banana adaptors
Ideal for use with Macintosh/Audio Research amplifiers, that use grub-screw type connections for their speaker outputs. A useful Banana convertor is also supplied that allows the Forks to be attached to existing Banana type connectors, to convert to a spade type connection.

Fork dimensions are:

Max width of spade gap (between the lugs): 4.5 mm
Width of each spade lug: 1.6 mm
Max width of spade lugs: 8 mm
Max cable diameter: 5 mm
Total Length of spade section: 12 mm

Supra Banana plugs (with red/black covers - now discontinued)

Supra Fork XL connectors (larger spread of lugs and can accomodate larger cable diameters than Fork). The grub screw that grips the speaker cables uses an Allen-key (notm supplied) type hole for tightening up the grub screw.

Fork XL dimensions are:

Max width of spade gap (between the lugs): 6.7 mm
Width of each spade lug: 1.8 mm
Max width of spade lugs: 10.5 mm
Max cable diameter: 5.5 mm
Total Length of spade sectio: 13 mm