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Supra DB25 Cables - for specific AV processors and multi-channel amplifiers

These are now discontinued.

In the early days of Home Cnema systems, manufacturers had issues fitting enough sockets on the back of processors, in order to accomodate user needs.

So, many used a standard DB25 connector, which carried 6 channels of sound (and NO video!!) into or out of an AV processor or a 5 or 6 channel power amp.

Various brands used these connectors, such as Arcam, McIntosh, Onkyo and Rotel.

A list of matching products follows:


McIntosh Pre-amps (such as CR12) and power amps (such as MC7108 and MC7205 power amps)


Rotel RSX965 receiver
(has a DB25F (female) socket for multi-channel audio input from DVD player)

Rotel RSP966 processor
(has a DB25F (female) socket for input from DVD player and a DB25M (male) socket for output to power amp)

Rotel RB985 multi-channel power amp
(has a DB25F (female) socket for input from processor and hence requires a DB25M (male) connector on the cable)

Various cables are possible depending on the equipment being used:

Option 1:
Cable terminated with DB25F (female) to DB25M (male) connectors and - carrying signals from a DB25M (male) socket on a processor to DB25F (female) input socket on a multi-channel power amp.

Option 2:
Cable terminated with 6RCA/phono to DB25M (male) connectors - carrying signals from a DVD player with on-board sound processing (using RCA sockets) going to AV surround decoder/processor using DB25F (female) socket).

Option 3:
Cable terminated with DB25F (female) connector and 6x RCA/phono plugs - carrying signals from an AV processor (which has a DB25M (male) output socket going to multi-channel power amplifier (using 6 RCA input sockets).

Normal configuration for Supra cables:
Green insulated conductor RCA plug > Centre channel
Blue insulated conductor RCA plugg > Front Left
Red insulated conductor RCA plug > Front Right

White insulated conductor RCA plug > Rear Left
Black insulated conductor RCA plug > Rear Right

Yellow insulated conductor RCA plug > Subwoofer

Please note: The actual termination / pin configuration of the wiring inside the respective DB25 connectors MIGHT be different between each, it is important to check with the respective manufacturer, or their local distributor, as to which of the 25 pins are used for which channel.